Your step-by-step guide to a less stressful Auckland home renovation

Thinking about renovating your home can be totally overwhelming. Where to start? Who to seek advice from? Who to trust? How much will it cost? Who does what? The questions are endless. That’s why we’ve broken down the renovation process into bite sized, easy-to-digest pieces to help you understand renovating your property in Auckland.

1. Lock in the right builder

It’s best to engage a builder early in the process, even if your job’s months or years away. Once you’ve found your builder (for tips click here ), you’ll sit down together so they can listen to your renovation ideas, discuss how you want the project management side of things to work, and talk about budget and next steps. A good builder will be able to put you in touch with architects they trust and other experts including surveyors, engineers and even mortgage brokers or property valuers. Need people now? Feel free to call us and get the names of our favourite people to work with.

2. Get plans drawn up

If your project needs it, your architect will complete concept drawings, so you can easily visualise your renovation. It’s normal to have these plans revised several times before they are finalised. Your builder can and should be part of this initial design phase and be happy to meet with your architect. Sharing their prior experience with you and your architect, they’ll help you avoid impractical ideas, unforeseen issues or delays further down the track – saving you time and money in the long run!

3. Cost up your renovation

Using your architectural drawings, your builder will put together a comprehensive quote for your renovation, including a timeline. It’s important not to choose the lowest number on the table but instead to base your decision on how experienced the builder is, how well you get along and their reputation for quality workmanship. Choosing an experienced Auckland building company might cost more upfront but will be worth it once your home is finished.

4. File for consent and sign your renovation contract

Once your plans are finalised, your architect will complete working drawings and submit these to the Auckland City Council for building consent along with any supporting information or reports from engineers or surveyors. At this point, your builder will present you with a letter containing a final fixed quote, a copy of your working drawings to sign off and their building contract. Depending on what you’ve discussed with your builder, you’ll either have agreed on a fixed price contract or a pay-as-you-go option (we’ll discuss these in further detail in a future blog post) . If you’re feeling wary of signing a contract, then have your lawyer take a look before you hand over your autograph.

5. Let the renovating begin!

If you’ve chosen a builder who will also project manage your renovation, they’ll take care of everything: organising contractors, materials and council inspections and keeping you up to date throughout your journey. Now it’s on them to deliver your renovated home back to you, on time and within budget. If you’re project managing things yourself, then you’ll need to be in regular communication with your builder to tee up all of the sub-trades. Keeping the lines of communication is key to a successful renovation so at any stage of the process feel free to call your builder to ask questions or arrange to meet them on site.

6. Enjoy your beautiful newly-renovated home

Once your renovations have been signed off by the Auckland City Council with a final inspection, it’ll be time for you and your builder to do a walk through to make sure you’re completely happy with their work. The final step is to apply for a Code of Compliance Certificate from council and your builder will organise this for you as well as a complimentary home clean. Then….it’s over to you to bask in your new home! If you’d like to chat to us further about the steps above or a project at your place, then get in touch today.