KN Construction is owned and operated by Karl & Kaycee Nicholas. Karl started his building apprenticeship when he left school and has been building ever since, bringing decades of experience to your project. With extensive experience in all areas of the building industry, including residential renovations and extensions, re-clads, new home builds and the commercial building sector, Karl brings a huge wealth of knowledge to the team at KN Construction. We can assist you in your project from start to finish.


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Many people think that hiring an architect or draftsperson is the first step in renovating or building their dream home. However, engaging a builder before you design your home is one of the wisest choices you can make. From design concept to post-construction home maintenance, KN Construction can guide you through every step of the construction process.

Step 01

KN Construction can assist you in obtaining a comprehensive set of drawings ready for the necessary building consent, and can budget forecast to ensure your design can be built to within your budget.

Step 02

With an accurate budget and a detailed plan forward, your project is ready to start. Our project management software Co-Construct will ensure a smooth and efficient build.

Step 03

We will gather all of the necessary hoards of paperwork that council require to complete your Code of Compliance Application. This can we be a very laborious, time consuming and difficult task, however we take this off your hands so that you don’t need to worry.

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Our highly skilled team will handle each and every aspect of the build, producing a standard of work that will exceed your expectations.

If you’re looking for a professional, high-quality and experienced builder in Auckland, then we can help. We work on all types of residential construction projects and our team will ensure you get the home of your dreams while also making sure the building process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. You’ll get a competitive quote from us too, plus we work on a either fixed price basis or cost plus margin, ensuring maximum transparency.




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  • August 11th, 2020

    What to expect when you’re expecting . . . to renovate! (And how to manage those expectations)

    Renovating can make your dream home a reality. However, the reality of making the dream come true isn’t as simple (or as fast!) as ‘reality’ shows like The Block make it out to be. If you’re thinking of renovating your home in Auckland (and you want it to go as smoothly as possible) read these top four tips from our team.

    #1 Get a builder involved – early!

    Even if you only have basic sketches on the back of a napkin, get in touch with a builder. By engaging a building company first, you can get plans drawn up, work out what you can build for your budget, and get realistic timeframes. We estimate 25 – 30% of consented plans don’t end up being built because a builder wasn’t involved in the planning stages. Builders can also help find the perfect architect, get plans in for consent, and bring on board trustworthy experts (like surveyors and engineers). We love a good daydream with our clients, so get in touch as early as you can and we’ll walk you through our step by step renovation process

    #2 Keep the communication flowing

    Don’t take effective project management and communication for granted. It’s an essential foundation to a successful build or renovation that comes in on time and on budget. That’s why everyone at KN Construction uses project management software Co-Construct. It allows us to all be on the same page with your build from the start – a hub of communication for everyone involved. Everything is in one place – budget, messages, timeframes, schedules, and specs for each aspect of the build. At any given time, you can log in and see exactly what is happening with your renovation. Our builders and subcontractors all have access, which eliminates any confusion and saves you time and money. 

    #3 Don’t rush!

    We know how exciting it is to finally get the ball rolling on your renovation, especially if you’ve been dreaming of a second bathroom or more outdoor living space for months! But there’s a long list of decisions to make early on – and it’s important to take your time. The temptation to rush and get the renovation underway is huge, but it’ll cost you time and money in the long run if big changes need to be made once the build is underway. 

    #4 Know your style 

    Whoever you choose to build your renovation will need to know what you’re looking for in terms of style and design. It can make decision-making a lot easier if you and your builder are shoulder to shoulder when it comes to your vision. Make sure you dedicate some solid hours to perusing Pinterest, scrolling through www.houzz.co.nz, and checking out other Auckland renovation projects, such as these. The more thought you put in, the easier it will be for everyone to start the build on the same page.

    From the minute you make your first big decision to go with KN Construction for your Auckland renovation, we’ll be with you for every decision after. Ready to have a chat about what’s on your napkin sketch? Talk to us about what our Auckland teams can do for you.


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  • July 1st, 2020

    Wondering how far your renovation budget will go?

    Did you daydream about the changes you’d love to make to your home during lockdown? Have a list of your favourite renovation ideas but unsure what your budget will get you? Let’s talk through why now’s a good time to renovate in
    Auckland and what bang you’ll get for your buck.

    The good news is interest rates are at an all-time low, and restrictions on mortgage lending have been lifted by the Reserve Bank in a bid to keep money circulating and help our economic recovery.

    It’s an ideal time to renovate and increase the value of your home but what does $30k or $200k get you? Let’s find out.

    How far will your renovation budget take you?

    For $30k – $50k you could . . .

    • Create an entirely new kitchen space that better suits your lifestyle. You could go open plan, give yourself that butler’s pantry to hide the kitchen clutter (and create more storage), and change the flooring, layout and cabinetry if you want to.
    • Reconfigure under-utilised spaces in your home to create a small home office, reading nook or play space for the kids.
    • Renovate and reconfigure existing spaces to create a larger bathroom (and/or add a separate toilet so you can shower in peace!), a new laundry space and new storage.
    • Redo your roof if it’s looking tired/dated/leaking or causing structural issues. This could include adding skylights to get that all important light into dark hallways.
    • If you want to focus on the outdoors, you could build a new deck with shelter, such as a Flexiroof with blinds.

    For $100K – $200K you could . . .

    Combine a couple of the above options or convert your garage into another bedroom, add a small extension to create more living space, or reconfigure your existing layout to better utilise the space you have.

    For $200K – $400K you could . . .

    Carry out a complete renovation of your existing property. This could involve re-roofing, gutting the inside to give your home a refresh (including insulation and rewiring), brand new joinery and a paint job.

    For $400K – $500K you could . . .

    Complete a large extension to your home, adding to your existing floor plan and creating new spaces for your family to grow. Depending on your existing layout (and priorities) you could create a master bedroom with ensuite, new living spaces, extend the kitchen, re-clad the exterior – the list goes on. A rough guide for an Auckland home renovation per square metre is around $3,000, depending on the level of finish.

    For $600k+ you could . . .

    Add a whole second storey and do a complete interior and exterior renovation! Many of our clients come to us because they outgrow their homes. If buying a new property isn’t an option, why not use the money to transform your existing home so it has everything you want and need. With that budget, the options are endless, and the first step is having a chat with a qualified, experienced building company (like us… we had to say it!).

    Ready to see what our Auckland teams can do with your renovation budget? We’ll take you through the whole process, from design to completion, and turn your daydreams and Pinterest boards into reality.

    Contact us today!

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  • November 7th, 2019

    Renovating: What to spend on, what to save on?

    Bamboozled by the decisions you’ll have to make while renovating your property in Auckland? What changes should you make to your home? Who’ll help you bring your ideas to life? What finishes and features will stand the test of time and what’s just a passing trend? So many options! How do you decide?

    With over 20 years building experience in Auckland, we’ve seen it all. The below guide will help you decide what’s worth investing in and what’s not, when you’re looking to renovate your Auckland home.

    SAVE money by keeping things where they are

    Do you really need to move your bathroom across the other side of your house? Do you really need to change all rooms of the house, or can you create a clever design with your existing spaces and footprint? Anything’s doable when renovating or extending but by keeping your plumbing and electrics largely where they are, and certain rooms “un-touched” you’ll keep your tradie and materials bills in check. Opt to reconfigure your existing spaces so your infrastructure remains largely the same.

    SPEND on expert help

    Unsure where to start with your renovation? Get some help. Paying for expert advice will save you time, money and stress in the long run. A good builder, architect or interior designer all come at a cost but you can’t put a price on a smartly designed, functional home that looks and feels great and that can be built to within your budget. Experts are always happy to share their ideas and experience on where to spend your hard-earned money and how to get the home you want, with the budget you have.

    SAVE on simple designs and features

    Sure, triangular shaped windows will capture that view beautifully but they’ll probably set you back three times the cost, not to mention the custom-made curtains you’ll need to cover them. School yourself in the cost of simple clever designs versus custom-made architectural features such as curved walls and cantilevered structures. Choosing beautiful standard designs will definitely keep your budget in check.

    SPEND on statement features

    What do you want the general vibe of your renovated home to be? What special items or features will help you create the look you’re after? Finding a balance between quality and excess is important here, whether you’ve gone for a $200 tap or a $6,000 one, the water tastes the same.

    By deciding in advance which feature fixtures and fittings you’d like to spend more of your budget on, you’ll save time and money when researching the remaining items needed to complete your home.

    SAVE your home from wear and tear

    Dreaming of plush cream carpet and an oiled timber floor? How do you think they’ll stand up to your kids and that crazy dog of yours? Think about the needs of your family and how you’ll use (and abuse) your renovated home. Where will you spend most of your time as a family?

    Speak to sales experts about what they recommend and keep an open mind about the materials they suggest even if you’ve discounted them previously. They’ll know what lasts and what only looks good for a year or two.

    We’ve got loads of other renovation tips up our sleeves, so if you’re planning to renovate your Auckland home, give us a call and we’ll share what we know.

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  • May 13th, 2019

    Worried about overcapitalising on your home?

    Picture this: You go to sell your home only to find out it’s not worth what you’ve spent on it. Your worst nightmare, right? Working out the balance between wise improvements and spending too much is a dark art. How much will your home be worth after it’s renovated? Will you lose money if you decide to sell too early? What renovations yield the best returns? Is it even about the money?

    Upfront research is the key to calming your nerves about overcapitalisation. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide, as well as some other discussion points, to get the ball rolling.

    Dream home or stepping stone?

    Are you renovating for long-term comfort or for profit? How long you plan to stay in your home (after you’ve renovated) will help you decide which changes you’d like to make and how much you’re comfortable spending.

    1.Start by putting together an old-school ‘pros and cons’ list of what works at your place and what doesn’t. Include whether you like the area, the community, proximity to schools, work and amenities.

    2.Chat to a reputable builder and get them to give you a ballpark cost for the changes you’re considering. Remembering you’ll need to include additional costs like architects’ fees and building consents if you’ll need these.Builders Crack has some rough costs on their website you can take a look at too.

    3.Get busy with some market research, looking at properties for sale in your area. Find out what you’d get for your place by meeting with real estate agents or valuers to get an ‘as is’ estimate and an ‘after-renovation’ price on your home. The bank may ask you to do this anyway if you need their finance to do the work.

    Once you have all the above information, you’ll have a better idea of whether you’ll be able to get your money back when you sell up or whether you could be overcapitalising.

    Overcapitalising or a lifetime of comfort?

    It’s ok to overcapitalise in the short term if you’re planning to live in your home for a while – the capital gain you make when you finally sell up will likely absorb your renovation costs. You can’t put a price on the comfort and happiness you’ve enjoyed living in a beautifully renovated home.

    Renovating your home isn’t always all about return on your investment. Committed homeowners often take the opportunity to do improvements, which further enhance the liveability rather than the value of the home.

    Return on your investment

    If you want to make money on your place (and don’t plan to stay long) then minor improvements might be the way to go. Updating elements like wall and floor coverings, light fittings, your outdoor space, or adding a deck can make a big impact without the hefty outlay.

    If you don’t have plans to move out in the near future, experts say by converting a three-bedroom home into a four bedroom, you should get double back what you’ve spent; kitchen and bathroom upgrades typically return 1.5 times your investment.

    Some investments like swimming pools don’t ever pay off – they’re very expensive to install and many buyers are put off by the idea of having to maintain them.

    If you’d like to chat to us further about the steps above or a project at your place, get in touch today.

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  • February 26th, 2019

    Your step-by-step guide to a less stressful Auckland home renovation

    Thinking about renovating your home can be totally overwhelming. Where to start? Who to seek advice from? Who to trust? How much will it cost? Who does what? The questions are endless. That’s why we’ve broken down the renovation process into bite sized, easy-to-digest pieces to help you understand renovating your property in Auckland.

    1. Lock in the right builder

    It’s best to engage a builder early in the process, even if your job’s months or years away. Once you’ve found your builder (for tips click here ), you’ll sit down together so they can listen to your renovation ideas, discuss how you want the project management side of things to work, and talk about budget and next steps. A good builder will be able to put you in touch with architects they trust and other experts including surveyors, engineers and even mortgage brokers or property valuers. Need people now? Feel free to call us and get the names of our favourite people to work with.

    2. Get plans drawn up

    If your project needs it, your architect will complete concept drawings, so you can easily visualise your renovation. It’s normal to have these plans revised several times before they are finalised. Your builder can and should be part of this initial design phase and be happy to meet with your architect. Sharing their prior experience with you and your architect, they’ll help you avoid impractical ideas, unforeseen issues or delays further down the track – saving you time and money in the long run!

    3. Cost up your renovation

    Using your architectural drawings, your builder will put together a comprehensive quote for your renovation, including a timeline. It’s important not to choose the lowest number on the table but instead to base your decision on how experienced the builder is, how well you get along and their reputation for quality workmanship. Choosing an experienced Auckland building company might cost more upfront but will be worth it once your home is finished.

    4. File for consent and sign your renovation contract

    Once your plans are finalised, your architect will complete working drawings and submit these to the Auckland City Council for building consent along with any supporting information or reports from engineers or surveyors. At this point, your builder will present you with a letter containing a final fixed quote, a copy of your working drawings to sign off and their building contract. Depending on what you’ve discussed with your builder, you’ll either have agreed on a fixed price contract or a pay-as-you-go option (we’ll discuss these in further detail in a future blog post) . If you’re feeling wary of signing a contract, then have your lawyer take a look before you hand over your autograph.

    5. Let the renovating begin!

    If you’ve chosen a builder who will also project manage your renovation, they’ll take care of everything: organising contractors, materials and council inspections and keeping you up to date throughout your journey. Now it’s on them to deliver your renovated home back to you, on time and within budget. If you’re project managing things yourself, then you’ll need to be in regular communication with your builder to tee up all of the sub-trades. Keeping the lines of communication is key to a successful renovation so at any stage of the process feel free to call your builder to ask questions or arrange to meet them on site.

    6. Enjoy your beautiful newly-renovated home

    Once your renovations have been signed off by the Auckland City Council with a final inspection, it’ll be time for you and your builder to do a walk through to make sure you’re completely happy with their work. The final step is to apply for a Code of Compliance Certificate from council and your builder will organise this for you as well as a complimentary home clean. Then….it’s over to you to bask in your new home! If you’d like to chat to us further about the steps above or a project at your place, then get in touch today.

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