What to expect when you’re expecting . . . to renovate! (And how to manage those expectations)

Renovating can make your dream home a reality. However, the reality of making the dream come true isn’t as simple (or as fast!) as ‘reality’ shows like The Block make it out to be. If you’re thinking of renovating your home in Auckland (and you want it to go as smoothly as possible) read these top four tips from our team.

#1 Get a builder involved – early!

Even if you only have basic sketches on the back of a napkin, get in touch with a builder. By engaging a building company first, you can get plans drawn up, work out what you can build for your budget, and get realistic timeframes. We estimate 25 – 30% of consented plans don’t end up being built because a builder wasn’t involved in the planning stages. Builders can also help find the perfect architect, get plans in for consent, and bring on board trustworthy experts (like surveyors and engineers). We love a good daydream with our clients, so get in touch as early as you can and we’ll walk you through our step by step renovation process

#2 Keep the communication flowing

Don’t take effective project management and communication for granted. It’s an essential foundation to a successful build or renovation that comes in on time and on budget. That’s why everyone at KN Construction uses project management software Co-Construct. It allows us to all be on the same page with your build from the start – a hub of communication for everyone involved. Everything is in one place – budget, messages, timeframes, schedules, and specs for each aspect of the build. At any given time, you can log in and see exactly what is happening with your renovation. Our builders and subcontractors all have access, which eliminates any confusion and saves you time and money. 

#3 Don’t rush!

We know how exciting it is to finally get the ball rolling on your renovation, especially if you’ve been dreaming of a second bathroom or more outdoor living space for months! But there’s a long list of decisions to make early on – and it’s important to take your time. The temptation to rush and get the renovation underway is huge, but it’ll cost you time and money in the long run if big changes need to be made once the build is underway. 

#4 Know your style 

Whoever you choose to build your renovation will need to know what you’re looking for in terms of style and design. It can make decision-making a lot easier if you and your builder are shoulder to shoulder when it comes to your vision. Make sure you dedicate some solid hours to perusing Pinterest, scrolling through www.houzz.co.nz, and checking out other Auckland renovation projects, such as these. The more thought you put in, the easier it will be for everyone to start the build on the same page.

From the minute you make your first big decision to go with KN Construction for your Auckland renovation, we’ll be with you for every decision after. Ready to have a chat about what’s on your napkin sketch? Talk to us about what our Auckland teams can do for you.