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Avoid analysis paralysis with these five renovation decision-making tips

Are you over-analysing every single decision on your upcoming renovation? We get it – renovations and house extensions are a big deal, but the process should be exciting, not anxiety-inducing. If you feel like your head is spinning, our five decision-making tips should help.

1. Figure out the purpose of your renovation

What is your motivation to renovate? Are you…

  • Trying to increase the value of your house?
  • Accommodating a growing family?
  • Building the home of your dreams?

These are three very different scenarios which will yield three very different outcomes. If it’s your dream home, go ahead and splash out on the gold bath or underfloor heating; but if you’re renovating to sell, make sure each new item will see a good return.

There’s always a purpose, a goal, a reason behind a renovation – once you figure out yours, making decisions will fall into place.

2. Do your research

There are countless resources to help discover your design style and understand the housing market.

  • Spend some time pouring over interior design magazines and perusing Auckland renovation blogs.
  • Get inspiration from websites like Pinterest or Houzz.
  • Visit ​​The Home Idea’s Centre in Auckland, a design showroom packed with products from New Zealand’s leading manufacturers.
  • Talk to friends who have renovated their houses and pop into open homes in your neighbourhood.
  • School yourself up on the property scene to shed some light on what matters most to you.

3. One decision at a time

When your head is swirling with everything from light fittings to decking, remember you don’t have to make all the decisions at once. Figure out what’s causing you the most stress and start there: is it a big ticket item like the entire kitchen layout, or a smaller detail like what style architraves and skirting boards you prefer?

Your KN Construction project manager will create a “Decisions To Be Made” list and schedule for you. This shows you what is a priority and what can wait. It also means you can refer to the schedule and see how much time you have before needing to make a decision on each item.

And remember, there’s no rush, no ticking clock: just focus on one decision at a time. By taking bite-sized pieces, the whole renovation will suddenly feel much more manageable.

4. Listen to the experts

By working closely with a professional builder, you can unload some of the decision-making burden. With over 20 years’ experience in Auckland’s building industry, we know what works and what is a waste of money. We balance practicality with aesthetics. We can create that wow factor without exceeding the budget. We’ve built our lives around extensions and renovations, and we are here to put our renovation services to good use.

5. Reflect as you renovate

As you move forward in your home renovation journey, take some moments to look back and see how far you’ve come. Builders know how important monitoring progress is for sticking to budgets and meeting deadlines. But tracking visual progress is also exciting and seeing how your choices have paid off will increase your confidence and help combat decision-making fatigue.

Has analysis paralysis got the better of you? Get in touch and we’ll help ease the decision-making process.

My family’s expanding! Do I extend, reconfigure or move?

When your family is growing, either in numbers or in size (hello teenage years!), it can start to feel as if the walls are closing in. So what are your options for fitting everyone under one roof? Do you extend your home and create more rooms? Reconfigure the existing layout to make better use of the space you have? Or is it time to move to a bigger Auckland abode?

Here’s our handy guide to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

When to extend

Do you have a baby on the way or an older family member moving in? Extending either upwards or outwards to create new rooms could be the best option, plus it can add considerable value to your property. Many Auckland buyers want the freedom a four-bedroom home brings, such as bedrooms for all three kids, or three bedrooms plus an office, study, or spare room.

Pushing out external walls gives you an opportunity to consider how to better utilise your outdoor space. You could add a covered deck off the living area for more entertaining space and the all important open plan, indoor/outdoor flow.

Extensions are only limited by your imagination and budget – and that’s where our Auckland builders come in. We talk through your wishlist, price up a range of concepts within your budget, and help you turn your house into your forever home.

When to reconfigure

If budget is top of mind, reconfiguring your existing layout could be the way to go, such as changing internal walls. To get the best bang for buck, and potentially avoid costs such as consent fees, we suggest bringing in your Auckland builder as early as possible.

When we are looking to reconfigure a home, we would initially consider whether our clients can strip everything out and rebuild. This gives you a completely different perspective on your floor plan. Then, you can work out a new layout specific to your lifestyle and needs. You can even add additional rooms with the right reconfiguration.

If money is really tight, consider converting underutilised spaces. For example, you could turn your garage into a living space for growing teens or create a loft in the roof cavity for a study or extra storage.

When to move

Moving to a new house can be exciting but it’s also the most costly (and stressful) option for getting a bigger home. There’s the cost of bringing your home up to standard for sale, agents and lawyers fees, and the money to upgrade to a larger Auckland home.

If moving is something you’re considering, think about your neighbourhood. Would you need to move out of the area to afford a bigger property? What does that mean for schooling, work, and commutes? There’s a lot to consider so write up a list of pros and cons to shed light on your thinking.

Decisions, decisions….

We believe any home can be a forever home with the right renovation, whether it’s a reconfiguration or extension. Our experienced builders have helped hundreds of Auckland families create the space they need for the future – and you could be next. We’d love to help you get what you need from your current home so you can enjoy it for years to come. Give us a call today.

Renovating: What to spend on, what to save on?

Bamboozled by the decisions you’ll have to make while renovating your property in Auckland? What changes should you make to your home? Who’ll help you bring your ideas to life? What finishes and features will stand the test of time and what’s just a passing trend? So many options! How do you decide?

With over 20 years building experience in Auckland, we’ve seen it all. The below guide will help you decide what’s worth investing in and what’s not, when you’re looking to renovate your Auckland home.

SAVE money by keeping things where they are

Do you really need to move your bathroom across the other side of your house? Do you really need to change all rooms of the house, or can you create a clever design with your existing spaces and footprint? Anything’s doable when renovating or extending but by keeping your plumbing and electrics largely where they are, and certain rooms “un-touched” you’ll keep your tradie and materials bills in check. Opt to reconfigure your existing spaces so your infrastructure remains largely the same.

SPEND on expert help

Unsure where to start with your renovation? Get some help. Paying for expert advice will save you time, money and stress in the long run. A good builder, architect or interior designer all come at a cost but you can’t put a price on a smartly designed, functional home that looks and feels great and that can be built to within your budget. Experts are always happy to share their ideas and experience on where to spend your hard-earned money and how to get the home you want, with the budget you have.

SAVE on simple designs and features

Sure, triangular shaped windows will capture that view beautifully but they’ll probably set you back three times the cost, not to mention the custom-made curtains you’ll need to cover them. School yourself in the cost of simple clever designs versus custom-made architectural features such as curved walls and cantilevered structures. Choosing beautiful standard designs will definitely keep your budget in check.

SPEND on statement features

What do you want the general vibe of your renovated home to be? What special items or features will help you create the look you’re after? Finding a balance between quality and excess is important here, whether you’ve gone for a $200 tap or a $6,000 one, the water tastes the same.

By deciding in advance which feature fixtures and fittings you’d like to spend more of your budget on, you’ll save time and money when researching the remaining items needed to complete your home.

SAVE your home from wear and tear

Dreaming of plush cream carpet and an oiled timber floor? How do you think they’ll stand up to your kids and that crazy dog of yours? Think about the needs of your family and how you’ll use (and abuse) your renovated home. Where will you spend most of your time as a family?

Speak to sales experts about what they recommend and keep an open mind about the materials they suggest even if you’ve discounted them previously. They’ll know what lasts and what only looks good for a year or two.

We’ve got loads of other renovation tips up our sleeves, so if you’re planning to renovate your Auckland home, give us a call and we’ll share what we know.